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Babies Golden Retrievers of 
"Lulla" and "Dawson"

Le Mas de l'Orb is a family breeding of Golden retrievers (retriever) located in the Hérault (34), 30 km from Béziers and one hour from Montpellier, in Bédarieux.

Délicatessen du Ravin des Arcs ("Lulla"), 3 years old, and Dear Lord of Far and Away ("Dawson), 3 years also, get married on the 13th and 15th of december 2011. The birth of puppies is expected on or about February 15, 2012.

"Lulla" "Dawson"

The puppies whose lineage has many champions is very promising : Lulla's father, Together at Never Of Lanson Fields "Oscar", is international beauty champion retriever, her mother, Believe in Your Star du Ravin des Arcs "Bimbo", she, is Junior Champion of France. The line also includes champions of work etc.).

The mother (our golden retriever "Lulla") is a boundless kindness. She adapts to all situations: always ready to play, swim or frolic in the forest, she can be very quiet when asked. Views its physical qualities, we will soon present her to the beauty contest. Skills at work and perseverance report also prompt us to present to contest work... Here you can see many photos

Dad ("Dawson") also won several competitions. He is the standard retriever breeding of Ravin des Arcs in l'Herault, we have chosen for its beauty and playfulness and endearing. Here, you watch photos.


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